Claire Brock
Business in a nutshell:
Energy and Environmental Goods and Services

Claire set up her own PR company after being inspired through the Enterprise Zone at Glyndwr University.

Claire Brock is managing to juggle a local government career, a full-time degree – and a new PR company she’s set up. Claire’s decision to go to university came about by chance, after a personal tragedy.

In 2008 she took a wrong turn which would change the path of her life – she intended to drive into Sainsbury’s, but ended up outside Glyndwr University on its open night.

Claire said, “I always intended to go to university, but I wasn’t sure I could do it. Then in September 2008, one day after my 40th birthday, I turned up for enrolment!” Early on in her degree one of Claire’s tutors told her about The Zone where she got involved in ZoneFest, an arts festival and Upside Down, an entrepreneurship conference for higher education students.

What’s The Zone?
The Zone is a drop-in centre at Glyndwr where students can talk to resident entrepreneurial experts about a business ideas, access resources such as books and directories, and be pointed in the right direction for more advice and information about any aspect of their business idea.

“It offers such good advice and opportunities, and it’s a brilliant place to begin your business idea. They can give you great contacts to help you set up a business, and it’s got a great library. I’m a real ambassador for it now!” says Claire.

“I’ve always wanted my own business, my parents had one, but you always think, ‘Are you brave enough?’ The Zone gave me a massive confidence boost, and showed me how to set up a business, where to go for

advice and how to access grants. It was a great starting point.”

Now, in her second year, Claire is firing on all cylinders. She’s set up her own PR and events company, CM Brock Management, with useful contacts supplied by The Zone. She already has a chain of high-end beauticians on board as a client, with more in the pipeline – and she’s just secured office space at an incubation centre at Glyndwr.

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I really mean that.”