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From the foggy windy welsh hills of Carmarthenshire in a tiny village called Hermon, my journey started as a chapel going child cutting hedges and grass for local folk with my father for pocket money.

Currently I am a self employed Musician/Entertainer. I started my first business at 14 as a drum teacher, to get a few extra pennies in the bank to buy more drum equipment. I worked on my cousins farm, starting my own sound engineering company at 17. I opened my own pub club called “THE VINE Nightspot” at 21 and became established as a pro drummer at 22. To earn extra cash at 26 I decided to go into sales to learn about about retail and how I could apply it to my music career.

Currently I perform playing drums with all sorts of bands in theatres/holiday parks/hotels all around Britain. More recently I have been the drummer for the international touring band “And Finally Phil Collins Tribute’.

My whole music career started from playing drums in my local chapel.

I practised and worked hard and was asked to play at another chapel then another -  it had a cascading effect which led to more opportunities and meeting more people which has led to where I am today.

I love taking opportunities and giving something a go. Unless you say yes, then you might never find that special thing about you that makes you special. Finding something new about yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people is essential for your life and self development, and with this mindset and new things you learn, you never know who or what opportunities might be around the corner.

Being self employed has given me a very dynamic and exciting lifestyle. It has been essential for myself as a self-employed person and a musician to put myself in situations that can present opportunities.