Ed Holden
Ed Holden
Mr Phormula
In a nutshell:
Beat boxer/rap and music production
Creative Services

I've always been musical, taking part in concerts and performances throughout school, and developing my skills afterwards.  I now specialise in the unique art forms of beat boxing / rap and music production, regularly visiting educational establishments / venues around the UK, conducting workshops / projects and engaging audiences in these modern art forms. I also perform and tour my music internationally.

Don’t be afraid! Go for it.  I make a living out of making noises with my voice! If that’s possible, anything is!

Ed Holden - Mr Phormula

Key factors in the success of my business include the use of bilingualism : fortunately Welsh language beat boxers are a minority in Wales so I had no competition in this growing art form!  


Official website - www.mrphormula.com

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/mrphormula

Bandcamp - https://mrphormula.bandcamp.com/