Geoff Stevenson
Geoff Stevenson
Anstey Business Consultancy
In a nutshell:
A business consultancy supporting start-ups and offering a wide range of business advice.
Financial and professional services

I have been an entrepreneur for a long time; I developed my business skills in the computer industry, and I have set up several businesses over the years.

The first one I set up while I was in my mid-twenties, with my wife looking after our three young children at home; this was the first risk in entrepreneurship I decided to take, before setting up two much larger companies on behalf of other organisations.

I have also run business start-up workshops for many years, delivering training courses for entrepreneurs and back-to-work programmes for long-term unemployed people. I have had some very fulfilling experiences, and I believe that the best part of being entrepreneurial is being able to adapt when circumstances change – as they undoubtedly do!


Success Factors: Always listening to the advice of people you trust; doing what you believe is right

Sector: Finance and Professional Services