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Katie Phillips
KDP Coaching & Consulting
In a nutshell:
Startup up and Scaleup business support to help people nurture workplace wellbeing

I spent 15 years managing communication and projects in government, corporates and startups, before setting up my own business.  During that time I experienced good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to workplace wellbeing and healthy, successful teams. 

After suffering a severe burnout in 2018 it became clear that the way myself and many others were working was not only unhealthy for the individual but also damaging the reputation and growth of the business.

So I decided to be the change that I wanted to see in the workplace and started tackling the weird and wonderful relationships between mental wellbeing and work.

Now, I help ambitious but overwhelmed individuals and businesses avoid burnout and nurture mental health whilst growing a successful business. 

I do this with down to earth coaching and training that combines my lived experience with qualifications in mental health, business management, law and communications to give people practical tools to help them thrive at work.