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Mark Boucher
Smart Media Solutions
In a nutshell:
Content and digital training provider using Smart devices to deliver, educate and create marketing and digital content to all sectors of industry from beginner to professional levels.
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I started this business to have the freedom to work on projects that appeal to me and my skill set. I have 20 years experience in producing multi-genre TV Film and social media programmes and products. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience enabling companies and individuals from beginners to professionals to become digital citizens, giving them a voice in today’s digital society.

I was inspired to start this business after witnessing the rise in  technology associated with  film and television production equipment  over the last 20 years. Technology today allows me to create content  using Smartphone technology. Everyone has a Smartphone these days and I saw this opportunity to share my knowledge and industry experience to create content or to give businesses/individuals the skills needed to produce thier own content autonomously,  without expensive third party production costs.

The main problem I faced when launching this business was convincing the audience that they can actually produce great products themselves with the smartphone they have in their pockets. was Until recently you would need a whole host of technical equipment to create film (expensive cameras, computers, tripods, crew and editing software) but due to recent developments and the advances in the smartphone device market, all this is now possible and within reach of anyone who owns a smart device. Creating amazing marketing products and social media campaigns is possible just through education and lots of practice.

I think maybe the best thing about being your own boss is you are able to fit your lifestyle around your business whenever possible. It gives you an amazing sense of achievement when you actually see your ideas and concepts come to fruition and start providing income that allows you to create a great work/life balanced lifestyle.

My top tips: Make sure there is an actual audience that is willing to pay for your product or service you provide before you start the business. Research and test trading is key to creating a successful  business that will grow and have the potential to expand. Essentially, good planning and a good product is key to creating a business that will have longevity and success, whether that be financial success, or a business that allows you to work around a lifestyle choice.