Thomas Turner
Ember Technology Design
In a nutshell:
Young Ambassador - A start up design consultancy, specialising in 3D printing across North Wales.
Advanced materials and manufacturing
Financial and professional services

My business Ember Technology Design is a start-up design consultancy specialising in 3D Printing, I have extensive experience with CAD design, graphic design, prototyping, sketching, Renders and 3d printing from working with a variety of businesses in different sectors of the market. We work with other start-ups and small businesses across North Wales helping them develop new products / services, define their brand identity and help them market towards their ideal customer.

I always loved designing, sketching and building from a young age and when I reached High school and started my lessons in ‘Product Design’ in year seven something clicked, and I knew it was something I wanted to pursue as a career someday. I went onto study product design in Bangor University which I loved and towards the end of my degree I became more interested in Business studies and realized that I could use the skills I had acquired over the years and create a business out of it. Soon after creating the business I started networking with other companies and individuals across North Wales and quickly built up a client base of people that needed help developing certain aspects of their business.

Through networking and taking part in a plethora of webinars over the lockdown period during the covid 19 crisis I’ve been able to make positive connections with some amazing individuals across North Wales. They have been able to offer me opportunities to work on some incredible projects the most recent was an environmental and climate change based project ‘ SikuProject ‘ which focuses on preserving the arctic ice sheets by creating machinery that can harness renewable energy / material and disperse a new layer of ice on top of existing structures further strengthening the integrity of the ice and preserving habitats. This project has been worthwhile in developing my personal skills as a designer and as a business by working on something that will make a difference for the future generations.

Working as a Manager Director of your own business has its challenges however you always learn from your mistakes, it develops you as a person and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I hope to develop my business further to the point where I can start to hire all the local talent across North Wales and offer aspiring students the opportunities that weren’t available to me when I was growing up in Wales. Throughout my future career as a designer I hope to be involved in more projects that will has a positive impact on the world through a creative and innovative approach. None of my journey would have been possible without a passion to learn and if you put your mind to something you truly love and peruse it you’ll never really work a day in your life.