Where do I Start?

Not sure where to start on your business journey? This section can help you find out more



Callum Griffiths - interested in business?
What's an Entrepreneur
What's an Entrepreneur
Top Tips for young entrepreneurs
Top Tips for young entrepreneurs

Our Big Ideas Wales Role Models share their tips for young Entrepreneurs.

How to write a business plan
How to write a business plan

This guide will show you how to prepare a high-quality business plan using a number of easy-to-follow steps

Being Enterprising While Working

If you're not ready to start your own business or you just don't want to, have you thought about developing your intrapreneurial skills instead? Find out more here! 

Take the Enterprise Catalyst Quiz

Find out how enterprising you really are by completing this useful self assessment tool. It's great to help you understand a bit more about yourself - your motivations, skills, attitudes to succeed. After you've completed the quiz, you will receive a personalised report summarising your attitudes to enterprise. 

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Take the Job Matching Quiz

Sign up/login to Careers Wales to take the quiz that allows you to match your skills and interests to possible future careers. 

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Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Take a look at this blog on what entrepreneurship is really like and how to start thinking about entrepreneurship. There's also a video to watch from some of our Role Models.  

Tips to Boost Self Confidence

Thinking abut starting a business but the idea of presenting an idea makes you nervous? What about an interview? Or attending a meeting with a potential customer? 

We've got some top tips for you about how you can work on your confidence while starting a business. 

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