Farming Connect one-to-one on-farm clinics

Our one-to-one clinics are fully-funded sampling and advice clinics on a range of topics. Each Farming Connect registered business is eligible to apply for up to two clinics from the list below. Clinics will be delivered by independent consultants and all advice will be confidential. 

Each business will receive a clinic report including the following: 

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Results of the samples or visit
  • Recommendation(s) for improvement

To be eligible for the on-farm clinics the business must be registered with Farming Connect and have a CRN, CPH and a minimum of 3 hectares.

Clinics available:


Soils clinic 

  • Apply for five standard soil samples
  • Test for bulk density and organic matter
  • Receive recommendations on how to improve soil quality

Water clinic

  • Apply for one sample from your main water supply
  • Identify any water contamination and take steps to stop or reduce this
  • Avoid poor water quality affecting stock performance

Manure clinic

  • Apply for two manure samples from eg slurry, farmyard manure (FYM) or poultry/pig manure
  • Analyse the value of your manure and understand how best to utilise it

Infrastructure clinic

  • Apply for infrastructure advice which will cover all your buildings, yards and slurry storage facilities
  • Separate clean and dirty water effectively
  • Ensure your farm complies or is planning to comply with current and future water regulations

If you would like to register your interest in the Farming Connect one-to-one clinics, please complete the form below.


Please note: To ensure that all soil sampling results are accurate and correct, sampling will not be undertaken until conditions are suitable. This will commence from early autumn onwards.

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Please choose up to two clinics from the list below: