Farming Connect is able to support farmers and foresters in all financial aspects of managing profitable woodlands, whether they are considering woodland establishment, woodland management or are interested in developing their woodland business.

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projects (image)

On-farm projects and trials focus on, the integration of new technology and/or new approaches to management. Raising standards of on-farm efficiency by decreasing inputs and increasing outputs with the aim of looking at ways to increase profitability

advice (image)

Our Advisory Service provides expert, independent, confidential and bespoke advice to farm and forestry businesses

mentoring (image)

Matching experienced farm and forestry mentors with mentees, providing 15 hours of one-to-one support to help you meet business, technical and business objectives

Skills & Training

Develop your skills, develop your confidence- you’ll soon find new ways to develop your business

Management Exchange (image)
Management Exchange

Learn from best practice by visiting other successful businesses in the EU and/ or visiting delegate

e-learning (image)

Our e-learning interactives cover a wide variety of topics which will help you develop new and existing skills, knowledge and improve working practices within your business

European Innovation Partnership

Providing support to projects which show innovation in linking research with farming or forestry practices

agrisgôp (image)

Your opportunity to join like-minded business people, who meet regularly to share challenges, develop ideas and support each other through change. 

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