Farming Connect’s Agrisgôp management development programme is changing mindsets, attitudes and the capability of the individuals who join.

Agrisgôp is a fully-funded action learning programme. It brings together forward-thinking, like-minded individuals from farm and forestry businesses at a local level. 

Working together within a group, as an Agrisgôp member you can learn new management skills, access specialist information and explore and develop viable futures for yourself, your family and your business.

Based on the concept of Action Learning, Agrisgôp provides the opportunity to progress skills and confidence, which will in turn assist you to identify ideas and opportunities for your businesses.

Agrisgôp group members input their time, travel and more importantly a positive commitment to your group’s development.

Since it was established in 2003, Agrisgôp groups have achieved numerous successes. You can read about some of them here:

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