Farming Connect’s fully funded ‘action learning’ programme for farmers and growers
…gain the confidence to turn your good ideas into reality 

  • Do you have a new business or diversification idea you want to develop or a project that despite your best efforts, still isn’t reaching its potential?
  • Would you like to meet other like-minded individuals from a farming or horticulture background?    
  • Could getting together in a small Agrisgôp group, facilitated by an experienced group leader, help you find solutions to challenges through sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge?
  • Provided over a 12 month period, facilitated support will include informal meetings, some of which may be virtual or hybrid, to take place at a time and location agreed by members, with access to one-to-one coaching between meetings if needed.
  • Your facilitator may invite specialist speakers on specific topics and/or arrange study visits to other successful enterprises.   
  • Group sizes are usually between eight and twelve members.

If you and any like-minded farmers or growers want to suggest a topic for a new Agrisgôp group, visit our online Agrisgôp leader directory and speak directly to a leader in your area. 

Since it was established in 2003, Agrisgôp groups have achieved numerous successes. You can read about some of them here.  

For any additional information about Agrisgôp and all other Farming Connect services, contact your local Farming Connect development officer. 

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