Individuals from the red meat sector attended Animal Health workshops
Mentees being mentored on livestock topics (EID for example).
Individuals completed Livestock training courses
With its outstanding welfare credentials, strong environmental track record and its value to our economy, Wales’ livestock sector is world-leading. Sheep, beef and dairy production are the most common systems but interest in poultry, pigs and alternative livestock systems is growing.


Bridget Barnes
"I found the Animal Health & Welfare workshops I went to very well presented and informative. I felt that I learned something new each time and if it was only a different way of doing something practical it was worth the time. I now do a few things differently, particularly at lambing, and have also learned about new diseases to look out for."
Bridget Barnes
Tom Evans
'The financial advantages of rotational grazing 500-ewe flock is significant – we have halved our concentrate use since splitting fields into paddocks and moving sheep around, we are growing a third more grass in a year. I would encourage any farmer looking to the future to attend the Prosper from Pasture programme'
Tom Evans
Pendre, Aberystwyth
"Learning how to take care of the feet of cattle will benefit the stock massively. The trainer explained everything very thoroughly and we all learned a lot."
Adam Bowen
Richard Downes
“We had our own ideas but our mentor had previously tried some of these in his own system and they hadn’t worked for him so thanks to his advice we didn’t have to make the same mistakes"
Richard Downes
Phil Cowcher
“Working out financial details such as profit per hour worked or profit per hectare (ha) has given me a better understanding of what makes a profitable sheep and beef farm. This allows us to compare our performance to similar businesses, with the aim of identifying areas to improve.’’
Phil Cowcher
Wyn Williams
“After completing my first e-learning course on seasonal reproduction in ewes in well under an hour, which included a short quiz to assess what I’d learned, I was hooked. I found it such an easy way to acquire more knowledge, always pitched at just the right level and letting me learn at my own pace.”
Wyn Williams
Llanfair Caereinion

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