With its outstanding welfare credentials, strong environmental track record and its value to our economy, Wales’ livestock sector is world-leading. Sheep, beef and dairy production are the most common systems but interest in poultry, pigs and alternative livestock systems is growing.

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Year on year, the Farm Business Survey shows a marked difference between the most and least efficient beef enterprises in Wales. 

Paying attention to every detail, from breed choice and health to feeding and fertility can make a big difference to the bottom line.

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At more than 10 million sheep, Wales' national flock accounts for nearly a third of total sheep numbers in Britain. Genetic progress and flock health is driving economic performance on the best performing sheep farms. 

Cows in a field

With systems ranging from extensive grazing to fully housed and from high yielding to low yielding, dairy farmers in Wales take multiple approaches to producing milk.
If done well, it is possible for each system to make money.

Chickens in a field

Thanks to advances in genetics, housing and nutrition, the production potential of the poultry industry has increased enormously over the last few decades. To achieve its potential, managing and improving your flock’s health and performance continuously is essential. 

Group of Pigs

Pig production is experiencing a resurgence in Wales but given price volatility and tight margins, all businesses must focus on being technically efficient, managing costs and exploiting opportunities.

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Alternative Livestock

As demand for venison grows, deer farming in Wales is providing an income stream for farmers. More goat dairy and meat businesses are also establishing. 

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Increasing profitability. Reducing GHG emissions.

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