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Here you will find webinars hosted by Farming Connect Technical Officers and joined by technical experts.

Click below to see the webinars or go to our Youtube Channel.

Getting to grips with Liver Fluke in Sheep - prepared by Dr Sian Mitchell who works for APHA as a Parasitology Champion and Catherine Nakielny, Farming Connect.



Life without Lameness (sheep) - prepared by kate Hovers, Independent veterinary Surgeon and Dr Catherine Nakielny, Farming Connect.



Spring turnout of cows - presented by Sean Chubb, LIC



Helen Mathieu's Presentation -Future forage crop breeding: Can genomics help?


Alan Lovatt's Presentation - Grass breeding at Aberystwyth- What's in the pipeline?

Leif Skøt's Presentation - Future forage crop breeding: Can genomics help?