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Join us and industry experts for a wide range of topical webinars aimed at providing useful support and information to you during this uncertain time.


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Suckler cow fertility

Fertility is the foundation of every profitable suckler herd!

Dr Iwan Parry, Milfeddygon Dolgellau Veterinary surgery discussing the main factors which contributes to establishing a healthy and fertile herd.

  • Pre-mating management
  • Fertility test/indicators
  • How to maintain good fertility
  • Targets



Top tips for quality silage

Dave Davies from Silage Solutions discussing ideas on how to produce top quality silage.

  • What influences the quality of silage?
  • What management factors can be done to ensure good quality silage?
  • What are the secrets in producing good silage?




Pig disease prevention and maximising performance

Pig vet and specialist, Bob Stevenson discovering the considerations needed to help prevent diseases on pig units.

  • Current biosecurity risks to pig farms, with an emphasis on diseases such as African Swine Fever.
  • Biosecurity management protocols such as quarantining and securing good levels of hygiene to prevent introduction and spread of diseases.
  • How acute biosecurity actions can improve overall pig and farm performance.




Managing the growing lamb

Lesley Stubbings, independent sheep consultant discussing lamb growth expectations up to weaning.

  • What are we aiming for? The importance of setting targets of what growth development you’d like to see between 8 and 12 weeks.
  • The impact worm control has on lamb growth and how it should be monitored and tested.
  • How grazing and grass quality are major factors in lamb growth?
  • At what age should the lambs be weaned? When should we be weaning lambs?



Dealing with too little or too much grass

Liz Genever, independent beef and sheep consultant discussing variable grass growth this spring.

  • Making sure ewe and cow requirements are being met during lactation to maximise growth rates
  • Understanding which options (e.g. rotational grazing, supplementary feeding, nitrogen use and prioritising stock classes) could be most useful for your farm
  • How to measure and monitor grass to make sure areas can be shut up for silage without affecting animal performance




Focus on parasites in lambs in the spring

Eurion Thomas from Techion discussing parasites in lambs in the spring.

  • The output from various Farming Connect parasite management projects
  • Nematodirus control and best treatment options
  • The use of faecal egg count’s in young lambs and interpreting the results