Agri Academy

Inspiring the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs

This pioneering and innovative personal development programme is now approaching its ninth year with over 250 alumni. 

The Agri Academy, which provides an action packed programme of training, mentoring, support and guidance over 3 intense residential sessions and virtual supplementary sessions, has 2 distinct elements:

  • Business and Innovation Programme - aimed at supporting and inspiring the next generation of farming entrepreneurs and trailblazers in Wales.
  • Junior Programme – aimed at supporting young people aged between 16 and 19 years who hope to carve out a career or set up a business in the food or farming industries.

Click on the links below for more detail on the individual programmes.

Cerys Fairclough Academi Amaeth 2019 Agri Academy
Aduniad Academi Amaeth 2018 Agri Academy Reunion