Year on year, the Farm Business Survey shows a marked difference between the most and least efficient beef enterprises in Wales. 
Paying attention to every detail, from breed choice and health to feeding and fertility can make a big difference to the bottom line.

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Animal Health (image)
Animal Health

Managing and controlling disease and ensuring animal health and welfare is the most effective way to maintain or increase productivity from livestock. 

Grassland Management (image)
Grassland Management

Grazed grass is the cheapest and most efficient form of feed on the farm. If you manage it well: production and utilization of grass could be increased significantly, inputs can be decreased, production costs can be reduced and profit margins will increase

projects (image)

On-farm projects and trials focus on, the integration of new technology and/or new approaches to management. Raising standards of on-farm efficiency by decreasing inputs and increasing outputs with the aim of looking at ways to increase profitability

advice (image)

Our Advisory Service provides expert, independent, confidential and bespoke advice to farm and forestry businesses

mentoring (image)

Matching experienced farm and forestry mentors with mentees, providing 15 hours of one-to-one support to help you meet business, technical and business objectives

Group Support (image)
Group support

Join like-minded business people, to discuss challenges, consider opportunities and find new or improved ways of working

Skills & Training

Develop your skills, develop your confidence- you’ll soon find new ways to develop your business

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