Group Support

Join like-minded business people, to discuss challenges, consider opportunities and find new or improved ways of working

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Discussion Groups (image)
Discussion Groups

Meeting up with like-minded business owners in your locality can pay dividends. Joining a discussion group will allow you to benchmark your business against others. Group members are encouraged to visit each other’s farms to see how their farming systems operate

venture (image)

Information and guidance on joint venture options- a new initiative which matches up those hoping to enter the industry with those wanting to scale down or step back

Agrisgop (image)

Your opportunity to join like-minded business people, who meet regularly to share challenges, develop ideas and support each other through change

European Innovation Partnership

Providing support to projects which show innovation in linking research with farming or forestry practices

Study Visits (image)
Study Visits

Spending time visiting other businesses can be a valuable way to discover improved methods of working, see best practice in action and bring home new ideas to innovate your enterprise

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