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‘Ear to the Ground’ is a brand-new podcast, the first of its kind to be available in both Welsh and English, that will share technical information, advice, support and inspiration to the farming community in Wales.

Episodes are just 20/30 minutes long and will include interviews with farmers and industry experts on a range of topical themes.

A new episode will be published every fortnight, and topics for the Autumn months will include conversations recorded at the Innovation and Diversification Wales event, the Farming the Environment event and an opportunity to get to know some of our new demonstration farmers.





Episode 36 - Soil pH is the key to the engine that drives the farm

Our guest this week is the agronomist, Rhys Owen. He believes strongly that soil pH is the “key to the engine that drives the farm”. In this episode, he talks about the importance of regular soil sampling, understanding the analysis and ways of correcting the pH in the soil in order to improve farm performance.

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Episode 31 - A Christmas like no other? The outlook for the turkey market this festive season

A group of Welsh turkey farmers have come together to form an Agrisgôp group to share their experiences and help each other prepare for what will be a very different Christmas this year. The impact of Covid restrictions has led to some concern over the demand for turkeys and the size of bird being ordered. But consumer data suggests that the Christmas of 2020 will be a ‘Christmas like no other’ with people wanting to make a bigger effort this year to celebrate the festive season. Tune in to find out more about the latest consumer trends from the food and farming consultant, Myrddin Davies, and to find out how one turkey farmer from North Wales, Malcolm Thomas, is preparing for this year’s market.  

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Episode 32 - Looking back at the 2020 Grazing Season

In this episode, Aled is joined by Sarah Morgan of Precision Grazing Ltd and Tomos Huws, a dairy farmer from Llanrwst, to talk about the Welsh Pasture Project. The project has been working with 43 farms across Wales to help them measure grass and improve pasture production.

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Episode 33 - Excitement in the sheepdog world

There is excitement in the sheepdog world! With dogs selling well and many world records having been broken recently, interest in training sheepdogs is on the rise in Wales. And back in 2018, a group of young farmers came together to form an Agrisgôp group to learn more about the craft. In this episode, we meet two members of the group; Dewi Jenkins and Elin Hope, as well as their leader; Elen Pencwm.

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Episode 34 - Business planning and the future of farming with Euryn Jones

Farmers are facing major change over the next few years. In this podcast, Euryn Jones, HSBC's Deputy Head of Agriculture and Chair of Farming Connect’s Strategic Advisory Board, shares his vision and advice on how to prepare your farming business for the future.

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Episode 35 - Improve your bottom line by improving your silage

Farmers producing silage within the top 25% in Wales are achieving significant productivity gains. Beef farmers are achieving extra daily liveweight gains of 400g/head and dairy farmers are seeing an increased yield of 2.2 litres of milk/cow/day, compared with the average. In this episode, we meet Dr Dave Davies of Silage Solutions Ltd to discover how improving the quality of your silage can improve your bottom line.

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