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Approximately 84% of Wales’ land area is farmed. Thanks to our mild and wet climate, that land is ideal for growing grass whilst rich and fertile soils support arable and horticulture production.


Llaeth Llanfair
“Our diversification journey first began with technical help and guidance from Farming Connect, which our family has tapped into over many years, on issues such as nutrient management planning of the soil, our grazing strategy and animal health topics, which together have contributed to the land performing at peak levels and our herd of 400 Friesian cross Jersey cows being in the best possible condition to produce top quality milk."
Laura Jones
Llanfair Fach farm
"Our trainer was clearly very experienced and I learned how to operate a chainsaw safely and correctly. I feel far more confident after this training."
Geoff Saunders
Wyn and Eurig Jones
“After applying precision soil mapping on the arable land this has allowed us to capture £720 of savings on lime – instead of applying at a flat rate 170 tonnes at a cost of £5,100, variable rate application maps allowed lime to be targeted where it was needed, reducing the volume used to 146 tonnes.”
Wyn and Eurig Jones
Pantyderi, Cardigan
Dafydd Jones
“The Master Grass course gave me the confidence to implement a rotational grazing system on the family farm, and raised my awareness of the potential of incorporating the system within our sheep enterprise”
Dafydd Jones

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