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Stop! And think safe before starting any job! Is it worth the risk?




Over 388 farmers, family members and farm workers 

This is the number of people that have been killed while at work on British farms in the last ten years, thousands more have suffered serious injuries and work related ill health.


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Wales Farm Safety Partnership

The role of the Wales Farm Safety Partnership through its affiliated organisations is to firstly convince farmers in Wales that we have serious Health and Safety challenges on our farms. Secondly, to provide advice and guidance in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive in order to improve the situation and to save lives on our farms.

Over the last twenty years, other industries such as construction and quarrying have greatly improved their safety records, while farming has not, you are now six time more likely to be killed on a farm than you would on a building site.

All organisations here in Wales who are signed up to the ‘On Farm Health and Safety Charter for Wales' are committed to:

“Working together to make farming safer”


The Health and Safety executive (HSE) regulates and enforces Health and Safety. On their website are all relevant legislation and advice on working safely. 

HSE Website

Booklet: What a good farm looks like



Health and Safety Booklet

Things to consider when starting any task on Farm

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With school closure across the country in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) children are likely to be at home for some time. Here are some useful guides:

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