European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Wales

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The purpose of EIP Wales was to fund agricultural projects across Wales that encouraged the collaboration between farmers and others that work within the sector. Bringing people from both practical and scientific backgrounds creates a great opportunity to draw from different experiences, benefit from the latest knowledge and introduce new ideas whilst tackling problems.

Between May 2017 and March 2023, EIP Wales has funded 46 projects across Wales, working with over 200 farmers, and a multitude of individuals, businesses and academics working across the agricultural sector.

The results from these projects have brought valuable insights not only to the farms involved, but also to the wider industry. EIP Wales has demonstrated the importance of farmers being directly involved in putting research into practice and working with other farmers with both similar and contrasting approaches and systems. There is always a different way of doing something, and there is much to learn from trialling innovative ideas and new technologies.


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