Try-Out Fund - bringing your idea to life

Do you have a bright idea that could help your business and the wider Welsh Agriculture become more sustainable?  

Applications are now closed for funding of up to £5,000 for farmers and growers to put towards a on-farm trial to try-out their ideas and bring them to life.

Farming Connect has developed the Try-out fund, to address specific local problems or opportunities with the aim of improving efficiencies and profitability within agricultural businesses whilst protecting the environment.
There are many changes on the horizon for agriculture and now is a great time to explore an idea that could benefit your farm allowing you to tackle ‘real’ problems or check if a research idea works in practice on your farm.  

How the fund works

  • The fund is open to individuals or groups of up to 4 farmers and/or growers in Wales who have identified a local or specific problem or opportunity. 
  • Suitable projects will aim to improve production efficiencies and profitability whilst protecting the environment by aligning with the Sustainable Land Management Outcomes. For example, here are examples of successful tryout projects :
  • Successful projects must be implemented and completed within the timeframe noted on application and the funding from Farming Connect will not exceed £5,000 per project (excluding VAT). All projects must be completed by January 2025.
  • Funding can be used for technical assistance, sampling, testing and other reasonable expenses such as those relating to short term hire of specialist equipment or facilities directly relating to the project. The participating farmers will be expected to provide items such as land, stock and also their time at no cost to the project. Funding cannot be used to fund the purchase of hardware or capital items.
  • The results will be shared with other producers in Wales through working with a dedicated member of the Farming Connect team to produce a short report and other knowledge transfer activities such as events. Final report will need to be produced in conjunction with the appointed member of the Farming Connect team on the try-out project prior to payment of final project costs.
  • Farmers and growers can apply by completing an application form which will be considered and assessed.


  • Fund is open to individuals or small groups of farmers and growers in Wales

  • Farm businesses must be registered with Farming Connect.
    Note - You can register with Farming Connect by contacting the Service Centre on 08456 000813.

  • Each business is only permitted to be involved with one project under the Try-Out Fund during the Farming Connect programme funding period.

The Application window for the Try Out Fund is now Closed


  • Please complete the application form below.
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with the Try-Out Handbook, this will help with project design and completion of application form. 
  • Applications will be considered and assessed by an  Assessment Panel, and may be subject to an interview process.
  • Application window- 9am 09/10/2023 – 3pm 20/10/2023 
  • Applicants will be notified within three weeks of application window closure if successful or not.
  • Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of satisfactorily completed claim form and supporting documentation, invoices and receipts.


For further information and assistance with the completion of this application form please contact  - 

Try-out Fund Handbook:

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Scoring Matrix:


Declaration form:



  • Travel and subsistence costs for participating farmers
  • For longer term investments in agricultural holdings i.e. the purchase of animals, capital items
  • Working capital or any financial loss incurred as a result of participating in the project
  • Any expenditure incurred before the approved project start without prior written approval from Farming Connect
  • Any costs not directly and solely related to the execution of the project
  • Own labour and equipment costs
  • Maintenance or repair costs
  • Landscaping, ornamental work, and provision of amenities
  • Contingencies
  • Reclaimable vat