Grassland Management

Grazed grass is the cheapest and most efficient form of feed on the farm.

If you manage it well:

  • production and utilization of grass could be increased significantly

  • inputs can be decreased

  • production costs can be reduced

  • profit margins will increase

This page aims to group together Grassland Management activity undertaken through the Farming Connect programme.

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Welsh trial will establish best cover crops for under-sowing winter brassicas
10 October 2023   A field-scale trial in Wales involving growing different cover crops under…
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Practical advice on offer to Welsh farmers at new herbal ley masterclass
09 October 2023   A masterclass created to equip farmers with useful skills and knowledge to…
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Episode 83 - A conversation with Dr Iwan Owen - Forty years of lecturing grassland management at Aberystwyth University
Cennydd Jones, a lecturer at Aberystwyth University and a part-time farmer will be joined by Dr…
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FCTV - Nutrition - 23/01/2023
With input costs being very high at the moment, it is important that we look very closely at costs…
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WEBINAR: Welsh Pasture Project 2022 Review
Welsh Pasture Project - 2022 Grazing Season Review
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Episode 75 - Grass Breeding: Planting the seeds of the future
Pasture will be the focus of this podcast in the company of Cennydd Jones, lecturer in grassland…


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