Dave Oates, Farm for Nature

Rosuick Organic Farm is a traditional farmstead in the heart of the Cornish Lizard peninsula. Since the 1700s, the farm has been home to the Oates family who manage the farm on a commercial basis but also with a strong environmental ethos.  

An advocate of regenerative farming practices, Dave firmly believes that farming can have a positive impact on the environment, both increasing biodiversity and carbon capture at the same time as producing healthy, nutritious food. 
In terms of diversification, Rosuick has many enterprises both past and present, including a camel trekking business, farm shop, café and open farm, wedding and events venues, holiday cottages, agricultural research/trial projects, glamping, commercial workshop rentals, land consultancy, agroforestry, agricultural contracting, farm tours, educational visits including school and care farm, and inclusive events for people with additional needs in the community.   
Rosuick farm aims to connect people with food, farming and nature.