Elin Medi Owen


Elin Medi Owen


Agri Advisor Legal LLP

A fluent Welsh speaker who lives with her partner on a dairy and sheep farm, Elin has undertaken a number of Succession Surgeries over the years either as part of the Farming Connect scheme or as part of general discussions with clients discussing various Business Structures; Tax and Succession, advising individuals as to the best structure available in order to facilitate the farming business. As a Senior Associate Solicitor within the Dispute Resolution Team she has experience in dealing with all types of litigation matters such Partnership Splits, Tenancy Disputes, Boundary Disputes, Right of Way Disputes, Contract Disputes and Matrimonial Disputes.  Elin also regularly advises clients in relation to Tenancies, in particular Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 Tenancies and submitting succession applications on behalf of individuals to the Agricultural Land Tribunal on death or retirement of a Tenant.
Elin has advised and prepared a number of joint venture agreements through the VENTURE Scheme and prepared various Shared Farming Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Farm Business Tenancies and Profit a Prendre Agreements, all of which require different solutions in each circumstance and where the agreement will be based on the objectives of the individual.

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