Hari Roberts

Llannefydd, Conwy

With a keen interest in farming from a young age having grown up on a sheep farm in Denbigh, Hari Roberts has recently completed his studies at Glynllifon agricultural college. At only 19, but with seven years of agricultural work under his belt, Hari isn’t one to shy away from hard work. Having elected to leave his sixth form studies to pursue work on dairy farms around North Wales, Hari has gained much experience from working in different dairy systems. 

When he isn’t working, you’re likely to still find Hari out and about in the fields with his Huntaway dog or beating on a local shoot with his spaniel. 

His interest in working dogs is likely to be prudent in facilitating his plan to significantly increase his current flock of 360 Aberfield ewes in the future, with a particular importance placed on prioritising flock health. Being prudent and learning from challenges facing the farm’s current sheep enterprise, Hari has a revised outlook on sheep husbandry practises and vowed to put significant effort into flock performance monitoring and accurate record keeping.

Hari has strong ambitions to expand the current farming business beyond its current income streams by exploring other avenues and is considering applying the knowledge and skills he has developed in the dairy sector into practise through rearing dairy heifers. Not fazed by the opportunities that can flourish from change, Hari is determined to maximise the businesses potential.  

“I hope to broaden my knowledge of the agriculture sector and be exposed to businesses which are ahead of the game and leading new ways of farming, such as incorporating environmentally sustainable practises into practises and business strategy. I’m looking forward to talking with like-minded people who share a desire to improve their business and are not afraid to take risks. Hopefully, this will help me take our business to the next step”.