Iwan George

Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire

Iwan George, a past Pembrokeshire Young Farmers Club (YFC) Chairman is a proud dairy farmer living and working in Eglwyswrw. Now a partner in the family business running a 130-cow dairy herd alongside his parents, Iwan is applying some of the knowledge and skills he has developed through his agricultural studies and work placements to the farm business.

YFC has played an integral part in Iwan’s personal development. Always eager to take part, he has benefitted from developing a strong network of friends through competing and travelling in the UK and worldwide. Iwan even attributes his new found hobby of cycling to the organisation having gallantly participated in a sponsored cycle ride with his club to raise money for different charities.

Ready to face the challenges he foresees facing the business in the near future, Iwan is actively seeking to develop his understanding of how to manage and steer the business forward and to adapt to regulatory changes. The family has recently completed on a purchase of neighbouring land which he plans to utilise with a diversification venture to bolster the business with a different source of income.

Iwan believes that being part of the Agri Academy Business & Innovation Programme will help him to develop his business management skills by learning from others.

“I’m looking forward to taking part in the programme’s activities and to network with other like-minded business people. I hope to learn more about the processes of diversification and the options available to me as a dairy farmer. I’m positive I will gain a huge amount from the Agri Academy.”