Marged Gruffudd Jones

Llanarth, Ceredigion

Seven years on from her time with the Agri Academy Junior Programme, Marged Gruffudd Jones, a trainee agricultural consultant from Llanarth joins the Business & Innovation Programme with the aim of being exposed to some of the wider challenges and opportunities facing agricultural businesses in Wales today. Subsequently, she hopes to utilise this knowledge and foresight in her day-to-day work in the support she offers to farmers.

Outside of work, Marged lives on a dairy and sheep farm and is an active member of Mydroilyn Young Farmers Club (YFC). In January 2020, due to her involvement with the YFC, Marged was chosen to travel to New Zealand in collaboration with NFYFC and the C. Alma Baker Trust to spend four months working on a dairy, beef and sheep station in the North Island.

The nature of Marged’s work means she is exposed to many different businesses and opportunities. Moving forward, she hopes to develop her knowledge in business planning and complete a FACTS course in order to give advice on fertiliser and slurry/farmyard manure (FYM) applications.

With an admiration for people in business who are transparent in discussing the failures of business as well as its successes, Marged seeks to expand on her practical management skills which can one day be applied to her own business.

“I’m looking forward to meeting inspirational and enthusiastic people within the industry who strive to improve their businesses. By meeting new people and industry leaders, I would like to gain an insight into their ideas in terms of innovation and how to address challenges.”