Holly Page

Churchstoke, Powys

A student at Newtown College, Holly Page is currently undertaking a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture. She complements her studies by working at home on the farm, lending a hand with the sheep and also the farm’s pig finishing enterprise. 

Holly is an active member and official of her local Young Farmers Club, Sarn YFC and currently hold the title of Junior Stockman of the Year. Growing up, Holly was an avid swimmer and a member of Ludlow Swimming Club for six years and would regularly compete in galas around the Midlands, representing her club and county. 

Not one to shy away from work, Holly has always taken on jobs to fit in with term-time and her other responsibilities. Continuing to build up her work experience, you will find Holly every Saturday either at her desk at the local estate agents or fulfilling her duties at livestock sales on busy sale days, assisting vendors and buyers at the local livestock market. 

From this exposure, along with the influence of her father’s work as a lamb buyer, Holly has set her sights on the livestock auctioneering industry as the chosen career path to purse. Alongside this, Holly lists a personal desire to have her own lambing flock of pedigree Texels. 

“I’m hopeful that the Agri Academy will help prepare me to make the first steps towards my future career plans by being inspired by leaders within the agricultural industry. I look forward to expanding my knowledge about different systems and increasing my awareness of agricultural policies. I’m also looking forward to creating a new network of contacts and meeting like-minded young farmers from across Wales.”