Red clover - the key in moving towards protein self- sufficiency and environmental gains?

Over the last 5 years, Chris and Glyn have been making changes on the farm, Awel y Grug, with efficiency being the key driver.

With the costs of inputs reaching unsustainable levels, Awel y Grug will trial red clover, and Perennial ryegrass grass (PRG) & white clover versus permanent pasture to reduce inputs through increasing their self-sufficiency in protein, reducing their days to slaughter and reducing their reliance on Nitrogen fertiliser.

Through driving further improvement in efficiency in these key business areas, the project will also contribute to the Sustainable Land Management outcomes including:

  • reduce the farms’ greenhouse gas emissions
  • support improvement in maximising carbon storage and sequestration whilst reducing the whole-farm carbon footprint
  • maintain and enhance the ecosystem at Awel y Grug
  • contribute to high flock health and welfare