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Big Ideas Wales Celebrated!

1. What is Big Ideas Celebrated?

Big Ideas Celebrated is your chance to test yourself against the best in Wales, developing skills in a practical way and to show others exactly what you can achieve.

No matter which career you choose, being creative, positive and enterprising will help you as an employee or to take the next step towards starting a business.





So what are you waiting for?

Let us know what you are doing and enter for the chance to be part of the National Showcase event for Wales in March!

2. How to enter

You can enter at any time from 21 November to 3 February 2017.

If you have a business idea, or a live business, we’d like you to enter it.

However, if you’d like a fresh challenge we’ve got two optional themes for the competition that you can use for inspiration. 

All entrants must complete and submit the online entry form.

Once the entries have been submitted a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided within 2 working days.  

Closing date is 3 February 2017.


There are various levels of information required depending on which categories you are submitting your entry for.

Before you start your entry you can download a copy of the questions that you will need to complete and check what you need to submit.


3. Categories

Best Enterprise Activity

Have you been involved in an enterprise activity? If so this is the category for you! Enter as a team or individual. We want to know all about your activity, what have you done, what have you learnt? This award is all about showcasing the entrepreneurial skills you have developed and put into action.



Best Business Idea

Do you have a business idea that you have or are progressing? Have you test traded your idea? Open to both teams and individuals this is all about how you are turning your ideas into reality. This award is all about exploring ideas, the actions you have taken and showcasing your entrepreneurial talents.  Have a look at our optional themes if you need inspiration.



Money Matters Award

Money talks… to make ideas happen we need to understand financial viability, does the enterprise make a profit or break even to cover your costs. This award is all about your financial understanding, what do you need to consider when running an enterprise activity, can you demonstrate this? Open to both teams and individuals this category is all about the money!



Environmental Impact Award

Do you have an idea or have you been part of an enterprise activity that reduces or solves an environmental problem?

If so this is the category you need to take part in! This award is all about recognising the environmental impact your activity or idea will/has made.



Social Impact Award

Have you taken part in an activity that has raised money for your local community? Have you identified a social problem and have the solution? Does your activity or idea have social impact or address a social problem? This award recognises the activity or idea that is making a difference in the global community we all live in.



Future Entrepreneur Award

Do you dream big? Do you aspire to become Wales’ next top entrepreneur? This is the award for you! The winner of this award will be selected from ALL individual applications received which showcase the talent and abilities of the  Future Welsh Entrepreneur of the year.



There will be one winner and one runner up for each of the above categories.

The winners could be a team from a school 6th form, FE or HE institution, youth or community group or could be an individual.

Prizes for these categories will be determined from the online entry prior to the Celebration event.



There will also be prizes decided and awarded on the day of the Celebration event at the end of March 2017. 



Two entries from each sector will be shortlisted and invited to battle it out at the event!  

At the event they will be invited to do a 1 minute pitch to a panel of judges on the day to determine the winners/runners up for the following prizes:

  • Overall Best Business – School 6th Form (1 winner and 1 runner up)

  • Overall Best Business – FE (1 winner and 1 runner up)

  • Overall Best Business – HE (1 winner and 1 runner up)

  • Overall Best Business – Outside of Education (1 winner and 1 runner up)

  • Overall Best Business – Individual (1 winner and 1 runner up)

Take a look at the prizes so far!


4. Competition details

For Team Entries:

  • We encourage institutions to run internal competitions to identify the top 3 team entries from each category for the National Competition as there will be a limit of 3 team entries per category, per institution.

  • Any number of teams can enter at the Heat stage in institutions.

  • Team members must be between the age of 16 and 25 years old (on the closing date – 3 February  2017)

  • All team members must reside or be in education in Wales

  • No more than 6 people per team.

For Individual Entries:

  • 1 entry per individual but this could cover multiple categories

  • All individuals must be aged 16-25 years and resident in Wales.

Big Ideas Celebrated encourages participation across all sectors including young people not in education, employment or training.






Scoring criteria:

Download the PDF to see how each entry will be scored by our judges.Download the PDF to see how each entry will be scored by our judges. PDF - (1.09 MB)



14 November 2016   Launch of competition

21 November 2016   Online entry process open for entries

3 February   2017    Closing date for entries

February       2017     Judging takes place

3 March        2017     Winners and shortlisted entrants notified and invitations to Celebration event

30 March   2017     National Celebration Event Cardiff, Cardiff City Stadium



5. FAQs

What is Big Ideas Celebrated?

It is a National competition aimed at finding and showcasing the best Entrepreneurial talent amongst 16 to 25 year olds in Wales.


Who Manages the Competition?

The competition is part of the Welsh Government’s Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES) to support young people in Wales from the age of 5-25 to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship, find their inspiration, explore ideas and ultimately launch their own business.

The Prospects Partnership, made up of Prospects and Cazbah Ltd. are appointed by the Welsh Government to deliver Youth Entrepreneurship Services across Wales


Who can enter?

The Competition is open to anyone who resides in, or is being educated in, Wales and is aged 16 to 25 on the 3 February 2017.



Are there different Award Categories?

Yes there are a number of categories aimed at both enterprise activities you may have undertaken and business ideas. You can choose which of these categories you enter on the online entry form.




Can I submit an entry on my own?

Yes you can. The competition has categories for both individual and team entries and as long as you meet the age criteria and reside in Wales you can enter.


I am in school and run a business with friends who are not in education. Can we enter?

Yes of course, you can submit your business as a team entry. As long as all members meet the residency and age criteria you are welcome to take part.


Do we have to pay to enter?

No, the competition is free to enter.


What age do we have to be?

All individuals or team members must be aged 16 to 25 on the 3 February 2017



I am a Welsh student attending an English University. Am I allowed to submit an entry?

Yes you are as long as you have a home address in Wales.


I am an English student attending a Welsh College/University. Am I allowed to submit an entry?

Yes you are as you are studying in the Principality.


How many times can I enter?

If you are entering as part of a team from a School, FE College or Higher Education establishment as a result of an internal competition there is a limit of 3 team entries per institution.

If you have set up an enterprise activity or business independently, either as a team or as an individual, then you can still enter separately in your own right.


Is there any limit to the number of individuals entering from an institution?

No we welcome entries from any number of individuals as long as you meet the competition eligibility criteria.

How do I/we enter?

The entry form will be live on Monday 21 November.

Complete the form here.



What information is needed to finish my entry?

There are various levels of information required depending on which categories you are submitting your entry for. Before you start your entry you can download a copy of the questions that you will need to complete and check what you need to submit.


Is there Judging criteria?

Yes, take a look here!


Does the Competition have a theme?

The competition does not have a specific theme.

You have complete flexibility to plan, carry out and showcase your own entrepreneurial activity. However, if you did want some guidance here are a couple of suggested themes.


When does the idea/activity have to have taken place?

You can enter any existing business or an idea which may be taken to market in the future.


How is the competition structured?

Your entry needs to be submitted by 3 February 2017.

Judging of the entries will then take place in February 2017.

Winners and shortlisted entries will then be invited to attend a National Celebration event to take place on 3 February 2017 in Cardiff City Stadium.


Who will judge our entries?

Entries will be appraised and scored by a panel of Judges which will comprise of Welsh entrepreneurs, Welsh Government and the project team.


How will the winners be decided?

Each section will be scored in line with the scoring matrix. The highest scoring entries will be either shortlisted or declared winners depending on the categories they have entered. The scoring matrix is available to see here.


Will travel expenses be paid to attend the National Celebration event?

Entrants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.


Will there be prizes?

Yes! Find out more...

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