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Enterprise Catalyst

Enterprise CatalystHow entrepreneurial are you?

Ever wondered how enterprising you really are? Complete this useful self-assessment tool to help you think about your own fuel for enterprise - your motivations, skills, attitude to succeed.

It's a great tool to help you understand more about yourself, your preferred thinking and learning style; the role you might play in a team!

Whatever career you're looking at, it's a useful insight to understand your own strengths and areas for development.

In terms of starting a business it considers the barriers you may face and the support network you have to help you turn ideas into reality.

Once you've given some basic information about yourself, you can log in and it will take about 10 minutes to work through a series of questions.

At the end, the self-assessment will provide a 5-7 page personalised report summarising you attitudes towards enterprise which includes:

 Enterprise fuel (Motivation and Drive, Capacity to Self Determine, Willingness to Learn)

  • Your personal enterprise style
  • What encourages you and barriers to enterprise
  • Your preferred team role
  • Your personal learning and thinking style

This is not a test! There is no right or wrong style to be an entrepreneur! You can return and complete as often as you wish. Your style and fuel can alter and change as your enterprise experience develops.

Why complete the Enterprise Catalyst?

  • It introduces you to the enterprising mindset
  • Introduces you to the need for personal development and growth
  • Gives fun and easy to implement insights
  • Creates a dialogue between friends, colleagues, team members, teachers, advisers, mentor, coaches
  • Useful if you're doing a team enterprise activity, going into business with others or indeed want to understand more about yourself and others!

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