Frequently Asked Questions

When do we have to carry out our enterprise activity?

The closing date for submitting your school’s entry is 27 May 2022 at 4.00pm. You can enter any project you have put into practice from 1 January 2021 and there is no restriction on when you carry out your enterprise activity within this time period or how long it lasts.

The timescale will allow you to incorporate the competition into your longer term curriculum planning and give you time to engage with your local business community and to link with other events. For example, each November, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship, is celebrated all over Wales.

Schools can submit any number of entries per category (Lower Primary and Upper Primary) or entries can be submitted for both Lower and Upper Primary combined.  Remember, you can enter as many entries as you like for each category and any number of children can participate in each category. 

What do I have to do to enter?

  1. Register your business or social enterprise idea online here and we will send you your entry pack and access to digital resources from 12 November 2021
  2. Keep us posted on how your entry is coming along and be in with a chance to win a monthly prizes (send photos of your progress which we will add to our gallery on the website)

Upload your final entry  - a 2 minute video entry telling us all about your enterprise or social enterprise. 


Are there guidelines on the format and content of my 2 minute video entry?

The following provides guidance on the content and format of your video entry:

  • it could be a film of you or your team
  • a powerpoint slideshow that has been saved as a movie file
  • you could recruit some budding actors to promote your entry on your behalf in the form of an advert
  • it could be a video of your enterprise project with a voiceover if you are camera shy

Be as creative as you like.
All we ask is that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum length of video – 120 seconds (2 minutes) and no bigger than 50MB.
  • Clearly introduce the name of your enterprise (either verbally or as a caption or subtitle on the film)
  • Provide a clear outline about your enterprise project. It is important to make sure you explain what your product or service is.
  • The video could be in the form of an advertisement for your business or enterprise project. The aim is to attract the attention of the judges and stand out from the rest of the entries.
  • The judges will be scoring your entry based on the judging criteria in the Competition Handbook so it is important that you cover these in your video – keep it short and sweet (no more 120 seconds/ 2 minutes!)

In addition the judges will be awarding special additional prizes so make sure you mention the areas of your enterprise that may score you extra points e.g. if you have a project or business which helps the environment or is a social enterprise make sure you highlight these and make sure you demonstrate your innovation and creativity too.

When and where will the Semi Finals be?

The Semi Finals will be held online in late June 2022.


When will we know if we have qualified for the Semil Finals?

You will be notified by the 17 June 2022.

When and where will the National Final be held?

Due to the ongoing pandemic we will be reviewing how we deliver the National Final in July 2022 on an ongoing basis.  If we are able to do so we will hold the National Final as a face to face event with strict adherence to the Welsh Government Coronavirus guidelines at the time.  If we are unable to hold the event face to face we will hold either as a fully digital event or a hybrid event.

What are the Competition Awards?

  • Semi Finalists
  • Business Engagement Award
  • Curriculum Links Award
  • ECO / Environmental Award
  • Social Enterprise Award
  • Display Stand Award
  • Presentation Award
  • National Finalists
  • Star Trooper Award (National only)
  • Teacher Trooper Award – Head teacher nominated (National only)
  • National Winner and Runners Up (National only)

There will be different levels of Awards as follows:

  • Bronze - Everyone entering the competition fully will receive a Bronze Award certificate for taking part.
  • Silver - Everyone selected to take part in the virtual Semi Finals will receive a Silver Award certificate as a Semi Finalist.
  • Gold - Everyone winning an Award at the virtual Semi Finals and becoming a National Finalist will receive a Gold Award certificate.
  • Platinum - Everyone winning an Award at the virtual National Final will receive a Platinum Award certificate.

Are there any prizes?

There will be lots of prizes awarded throughout the year.  There will be a monthly prize draw for those registering and sending us photos for our Gallery every month from November onwards.  There will also be medals, certificates and plaques for winners of the Semi Finals and the Special Awards as well as a trophy for the overall winner.