Inspiration and Resources to help you get started!

Want help getting started? We have gathered some great resources (video clips, downloads, activities) all in one place that will help you think of your idea!  You will find out more about social enterprises and what the Triple Bottom Line means! It also includes some top tips on what makes a good video and powerpoint presentation!

In this section we have provided resources that will help you with the challenge:

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises care passionately about the world we live in. Their motivation for setting up a business is to meet a need. They are REAL businesses, making money, but the big difference is that the profit goes back in, to do even more good.

In 2020, there were already more than 2,000 social enterprises employing 55,00 people and contributing over £3 billion to the economy! (That’s £3,000,000,000!)

By 2030 it is hoped that social enterprises will be the business model of choice for entrepreneurs delivering solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

The Triple Bottom Line 

At the heart of every Social Enterprise (and what sets it apart from a traditional business) is something called the Triple Bottom Line. This consists of the 3 P’s of People, Planet, Profit.

When generating ideas, think about these questions:

People: Who/what do you want to help? How will you make them your priority? What impact will your idea have? Employee wages and conditions?

Planet: Is your activity low impact? How will you consider the environment in your actions?

Profit: How will your idea make money so you have a wage? What will you do with the money to help grow the business? How will this in turn continue to benefit others?

We would like to see evidence that you have been mindful of these values.

Case study - look at:

Social Business Wales Awards 2021 provides welcome therapy for the social enterprise sector | Wales Co-operative Centre  (One to Watch Award – Prom Ally 1.46m)

How is Prom Ally helping others & how has the business considered the 3Ps (people, planet & profit)?

Remember too to view videos & websites on social enterprises & the Triple Bottom Line below!

Resources for ideas!

The following are produced by external organisations.

Why is actor Michael Sheen holding a spanner and what are social enterprises?    (5m29) *warning: contains humour!

Michael Sheen wants to know where you buy your socks…   (1m32)

Coming up with ideas - lots of ideas here to inspire you (7m47)

Scottish pupils present their social enterprise activity in a most creative way! (5m) *scroll down

The Positive Impact of being a Triple Bottom Line company - “if more and more businesses become Triple Bottom Line businesses, then the world is going to be a much better place”  (4m)

2020 – a brief but compelling view in music and images how the actions of one group towards People, Planet, Profit made a huge difference (3m55)

22 awesome social enterprise ideas (worldwide)
Seeing examples of social enterprise in action is one of these best ways to get inspired for what you might want to create. Ideas will always start small but will stem from our social conscience

Big Ideas Wales resources & links   

Social Enterprises / Mentrau Cymdeithasol  (2m37)       

Big Ideas Wales role model - Menna Jones, Antur Waunfawr.   Cymraeg (17m14)  English (7m36) 

Go to the Big Ideas Wales website for more Role Model profiles!

Enterprise Catalyst – online quiz to find out how enterprising you really are!

More Welsh Social Enterprises

Be The Change

Rainbow Biz

73  Degree Films

The Good Wash Company

Arfon Timber

Canolfan Felin Uchaf Centre

Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog         (Cymraeg)   

Galeri Caernarfon    (Cymraeg)

 Award-winning social businesses in Wales    Social Business Wales (scroll down)


Top Tips for a good VIDEO  

Your video should be approximately 3 minutes in length (approx. 10GB)

Capture your video in LANDSCAPE, not portrait. 

It does not have to be ‘high tech’ - just capture it on your phone so ask someone to hold the camera/phone for you or use a tripod. You could even create an animation if you prefer.

Make sure you include all the criteria in the Challenge


Top Tips for a good PRESENTATION 

Your power-point should be no more than 8 slides in length (approx. 30MB)

You can include photos/video/sound if you wish

Make sure you include all the criteria in the Challenge