Open University in Wales

Find me: The Open University, 18 Custom House Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AP 

We offer innovative and flexible distance learning opportunities and have around 8,000 students across Wales currently studying with The Open University.

Did you know?

  • More than seven out of ten OU students are in employment while they study.
  • More than four in ten OU in Wales undergraduate students join without standard higher education entry level qualifications.

The Open University can offer: 

  • Rural Entrepreneurship in Wales. This unit will help you to: explore the feasibility of a business idea; plan a strategy for the development of your company; state the likely resources and capabilities required for your new business and understand where the gaps are likely to occur. 30 hrs   A FREE unit on Openlearn.
  • Entrepreneurial Impressions Take a closer look at the entrepreneurial individual and reflect on whether this might be you or not. 7hrs. A FREE unit on Openlearn
  • Entrepreneurial Behaviour An opportunity to consider and reflect on the personal aspects involved in transforming an innovative idea into an entrepreneurial product. 20 hrs A FREE unit on Openlearn
  • Local Partners Advice on how getting the right person locally jumps you ahead of the competition 5 mins  A FREE unit on Openlearn
  • Investigating entrepreneurial opportunities This module addresses the crucial first steps related to developing new business ideas, implementing innovations and launching new ventures (30 HE credits)
  • Free Online Courses from the Open University, including from ideas to reality and the entrepreneurship accelerator course

The Team:

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