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Aaron Meli
Slapping Skins

Business in a nutshell:
Uses drumming as a team building exercise in different institutions.
Creative Services

I’m Bridgend born and bred and after leaving university I moved to Japan for 4 years to teach English as a foreign language.

Always strive to find a lifestyle and job that you love and are passionate about. 


Aaron Meli - Slapping Skins

I set up my drumming business in 2002 and went self employed a couple of years later. I work with schools, art providers, hospitals and disabled groups. I usually go to a venue with about 15-30 African drums and run a session for the group, getting them to play the drums together.

I got the idea for this from an apprenticeship I did out in Japan with a master drummer. My business has developed through word of mouth and I work all over Wales and parts of England although I’ve not had any luck yet breaking London! 

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