Ahmad Brigolin
Bridge Medical Recruitment Ltd
In a nutshell:
An agency that recruits highly-trained medical staff from around Europe to work in the UK.
Care Services

I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Growing up in a developing country, I could see from very early on that fostering a sharp entrepreneurial mindset was going to be crucial, and I knew that to overcome obstacles I’d have to be resourceful.

I went to university to study law, spending the summers overseas working in the tourism industry where I developed and refined skills in sales and marketing.

Constantly wanting to grow my entrepreneurial experience, I identified a gap in the market in the tourism and excursion industry and started my own business.

Success Factors: Relocating myself to different countries to better serve my clients there; having a strong connection to the regions I work with; knowing their languages and cultures to build trust.

After a very successful experience, I embraced business and entrepreneurship as my calling.

I analysed the employment market of Southern Europe, and found that there were many highly-qualified medical staff seeking jobs. I also found that there was a high demand for them here in the UK, and so I started a business bridging these two needs together.

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