Al Davies
Al Davies
Seren Glas Properties
In a nutshell:
Property Investment Company

I’m Al Davis from Seren Glas Properties Limited, a property investment company, buying properties that need refurbishment, turning them into high quality homes for people to rent and live in.

At Seren Glas, we believe it is the right of every human being to live in well-equipped, well looked after, secure accommodation that they can make their home. We also feel we have a duty to bring respect back to the Private Rented Sector.

By late 2018, I had been running a freelance graphic design business in Cardiff that really wasn’t achieving its goals. I had a lack of regular clients, bills were coming in and I had a family to support. I knew I needed something to create an immense change.

My wife Anna had always been interested in owning property and understood what could be achieved with it. Just by chance she saw an advert for a 3-day property course which we both attended. By lunchtime on the second day, I’d had a light bulb moment and realised that this was our chance to change our lives for the better.  We signed up to a 2-year education course, started to study and increase our knowledge, took massive action, and found our first property by January 2019.

Our daughter inspired me to change our future and to leave a legacy for her, to give her the freedom to choose what she wants to do.

I didn’t like calling or talking to agents face to face, and I hated the idea of going to networking events, but by taking action again, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and have never looked back. I know I have it in me to face my fears and overcome them. Now I will explore any opportunity that comes my way.

We have built up a portfolio of rental properties which provide us with guaranteed cashflow every month. The more properties we add, the more time we get to do the things we love, like spending time with the family, going on holiday or to festivals and big events. Property gives us freedom and the choice to choose what we want to do.

My top tips:

  • Education is so vital. Always be willing to learn more.  Every day for me is a school day.
  • Nothing will happen unless you take action.
  • Surround yourself with the right people.
  • Be alert to opportunities.