Aled Vaughan Owen
Aled Vaughan Owen
Ynni Da
In a nutshell:
Provides a new approach to education to create a sustainable future
Energy & Environmental Goods and Services

Ynni Da specialises in energy education and eco-literacy. We offer an innovative and exciting approach to education visioning and action planning. In a rapidly evolving world, Ynni Da bring a fresh, dynamic and flexible approach to working, in order to enable the creation of a sustainable future.  We tailor our workshops to enable the participants to thrive using hand on interactive tools to give a wide experience. These include, pedal power stations, wind turbines, solar panels, eco-racing cars and a whole range of suitable tools and games.

Challenges are not a reason to give up, but a reason to get up!

Aled Vaughan Owen - Ynni Da

I am passionate about improving resilience & well-being at a local and national level and to deliver innovative behavioural change and empowerment workshops within schools, universities & communities.

I love the variety of work and experiences that I get doing this job. Time is so important, and as your own boss, you are able to prioritise what you do. For example, we have a policy where, if the weather is great, and the workload is manageable, then we can take a break and go Road Biking.

If you have something valuable to offer and you ask the right questions, doors will open. I have always been creative, and have always wanted to be my own boss. I started a small entrepreneurial scheme while at school, it was inevitable that I would one day be self-employed.

I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting some fantastic and inspiring people that are doing good things in the sustainability sector. We have been blessed with a fantastic planet but we are making unwise choices that will make life difficult. My main inspiration are my children and I strive every day to secure a better and cleaner future for them and their generation.