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Alexis Hughes
Right Click Accounting
In a nutshell:
Bookkeeping, accounts and business consultancy services using theory and practical experience to bring value to clients
Financial and professional services

Right Click Accounting is a bookkeeping and business consultancy practice run by Alexis Hughes who is passionate about delivering great service and practical experience to clients. Alexis has founded numerous businesses including a product subscription business delivering over 6000 boxes worldwide and an app tech company with £100k Welsh Government funding. Alexis  brings her corporate background, accounting qualification and business experience to advise clients on digital systems, streamlining processes and organisation tools to not only help clients with their accounts but also support them to grow their business.

In May 2019 I was getting married in Croatia and the night before my wedding I was completing the accounts for my subscription business.  My husband said ‘if you love doing accounts that much, why don’t you do it as your job?’ and Right Click Accounting was registered the next month!

My children inspired me to explore being my own boss because I was fearful that by being employed, someone else would have the right to say I couldn’t attend my children’s Christmas plays or important events.

There’s probably too many problems I’ve overcome to list but the main one that springs to mind is when my subscription business was growing and had organic growth over three years. I was just landing in Spain and removed my aeroplane mode when I was bombarded with ‘subscription cancelled’ emails. It turns out that when my web developers had ‘reskinned’ my website while I was in the air, it sent a breach notification to PayPal who automatically cancelled all the subscriptions. Despite being in Spain I was able to discover that PayPal nor the web developer were able to reactivate those subscriptions so when I got home, I spent a few days contacting everyone, helping them re-subscribe directly and sending out products as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience. Needless to say, I haven’t made that mistake twice!

Don’t be afraid to try something and change your mind. That is not failure. Being able to pivot in business and take opportunities as they present themselves is where the excitement is so try new ideas, test the waters and go for it!

I’m able to help with all aspects of starting a business from finance, marketing, business structure, ecommerce and procurement.