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In a nutshell:
Non-Profit arts organisation
Creative Services

Blaengar is an Aberystwyth-based not-for-profit arts organisation, whose principal objective is to provide a forum for dialogue and collaboration.

I set up Blaengar in 2006 to nurture creative industries and emerging artists, staging events and exhibitions outside the traditional gallery space. We are passionate about the arts and creating a creative hub in and around Aberystwyth. Our aim is to promote contemporary art through education. Blaengar encourages new and innovative forms of artwork using performance, installation, found objects, sculpture, new media, as well as more traditional art forms.

Think outside the box, and go with it. 

Alice Briggs - Blaengar

I wanted to create a new forum for exhibition and more opportunities to network with like minded artists, through socials, tutorials and small exhibitions in unusual places such as empty shops. I have a partnership with Aberystwyth University to provide internships for students and graduates and encourage artists to stay in the local area and build a ‘creative hub’.

Funding was a big challenge, and remains so. Artists are notoriously difficult to work with and it’s true, they have to be pushed hard to make the work and give you the quality you need on a programme.

Being a sole trader and running a not for profit organisation is hard work, but rewarding when the projects come off, and you produce a good exhibition, workshop and are rewarded by a great piece of work by an artist and community enjoyment of it.

Passing on the passion of independent creative businesses to a younger generation would help to encourage creativity and will help to support that future economy.