Alun Hughes
Alun Hughes
Alun Hughes Film, Music and Nostalgia
In a nutshell:
Film, music and nostalgia retailer

I set up my first shop in 1977, but I’ve owned a few different businesses since that time. I had seen other shops that were dealing in collectables but no one catered for a really wide range of genres/formats.

Research absolutely everything about your field – not just market research, but find out as much as you can from other people. 

Alun Hughes - Alun Hughes Film, Music and Nostalgia

I therefore saw a gap In the Market and in 2006 established my new business which deals with anything associated with film, music and nostalgia. This includes DVDs, CDs, Vinyl, T Shirts, Accessories and posters. My customers are generally older, and want the joy of finding and buying the product instead of going online. I enjoy the fact that I am working in a job that would otherwise be my hobby.