Annette Gee
Nilrem Ltd T/A Taskforce Paintball Games
In a nutshell:
Thirty acre outdoor activity centre.

Annette Gee owns and runs a thirty-acre outdoor activity centre, offering Paintball, Laser Tag, Clay Shooting, Archery and Teambuilding activities. Paintballing was previously a hobby for Annette but after gaining experience within the sales and marketing industries, she decided to capitalise on the opportunity of starting the first paintball company in South Wales.

Wales needs more entrepreneurs, if you think you have got something to contribute, nurture and develop it, work hard, make sure you visualise your dreams and goals and set stepping stones in order to achieve them.

One of the biggest setbacks that Annette has had to face was the closure of her business in 2001 due to a foot and mouth crisis. It meant that she had to lay off all of her staff members and did not receive any compensation after the outbreak. Despite this though, Annette bounced back and diversified the company so that she could cater for Archery, Laser Tag, Low Impact Paintball, Clay Shooting, Scuba Diving and Team Building activities.

This intelligent thinking was partly as a result of Annette’s father’s influence on her. She says that he always encouraged her to be entrepreneurial and she feels as though she owes a great deal of her success to his attitude during her upbringing.

The freedom of being able to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it, along with the independence and lifestyle that her job gives her is what Annette loves most about being her own boss.

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