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I setup my first business at 14, selling Gerbils to pet shops.  This was quite a profitable business for a 14 year old but got me into trouble at school for turning up late when Gerbils escaped from their cages. 

I then went on to setup a CB radio repair and resale business at 15. Still finding my entrepreneurial feet, I then setup a mail order computer software company at 16 which I sold 5 years later. 

At 17 I setup an IT support company and ran it successfully in South Wales for 16 years.

"You do not need permission to become and Entrepreneur, but it is a good idea to have a mentor!"

Austin Walters - Austin Walters & Co

As an entrepreneur I have been there and worn the T-Shirt and every hat in the business. I pride myself in having never worked for anyone other than myself and my IT support company survived and grew through 2 recessions.

Now, I spend a lot of my time consulting to larger companies on digital marketing strategy, I also invest in distressed companies and turn them around.

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