Baz Dhaliwal
Business in a nutshell:
Sports protection product design
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

For his last project in his product design degree, Baz Dhaliwal decided to let his creative ideas be influenced by his other great passion in life - football - and came up with a unique design for a shin pad. It was during his viva exam that his tutor at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) encouraged Baz about the commercial potential of the product. This proved to be just the spur the young entrepreneur needed:

However, Baz felt seriously lacking in commercial know-how. It was Business Support Wales who helped get his company Rikoŝet up and running, assisting him with a business plan and supporting him financially through a Graduate Start-Up bursary.

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Baz Dhaliwal - Rikoset

Baz knows that he might not be where he is today without all the advice he received from his business advisor and through the Graduate Start-Up workshops on sales and marketing. "They even put me in touch with an accountant who has set me up with my very own accounts programme".

"Deep down I think I’d always wanted to have my own business - don’t most people? With a bit of help I was able to see that this degree project of mine might represent the perfect opportunity."