Ben Hofmeister from Archer Sports Management
Ben Hofmeister
Archer Sports Management & KOKORA
In a nutshell:
Sports agency & Organic food supplements and health services
Health care and Complementary care

I started my first business (Archer Sports Management) during my second year at university. Since a young age it's been apparent that I love a good challenge, have a huge passion for sport and wanted to be independent.

While studying I realised that I wanted to have a go at setting up my own company and if that was to be achieved, while I am young, ambitious and have no family commitments, now was the time to do so.

Archer Sports Management is essential a marketing agency specialising in the sports & events sector. We work with sports rights holders, that’s athletes, clubs, leagues & organisations to help them develop sponsorship and commercial partnerships with brands (a good example of this is Principality sponsorship the WRU & Principality stadium).

We started by working with amateur, local sports clubs & over time, with many mistakes, failures and learnt lessons, we grow to now working & have worked with professional clients including the EIHL, WRU, Ospreys, CageWarriors, British Cycling, Glamorgan CCC & others.

Our belief is that brands need to effectively tell their story & present their values and one crucial way to do so is by developing an emotional connection with their customers through a unified

This year I launched my second company, KOKORA which is a health & well being oriented company providing natural & organic products & services including CBD oil & meditation sessions.

Fail early, fail often but always fail forward.

I truly believe that limitations are only a figment of our imagination. First, if you have a passion whether is a certain subject, activity, industry or desired change, follow that passion and it will lead you down a difficult but rewarding & successful road. Second, don't be afraid to make mistakes or fail. Lessons are bound to failures & the ones that see themselves as a student for life, realise they must continue to learn so fail early, fail often but always fail forward. Finally, you must make a conscious effort to enjoy the journey & not just the desired view at the end. Life is a journey, not a destination.