Chris James
Chris James
CIOTEK Limited
In a nutshell:
CIOTEK provides business support
Financial and professional services

I have now started up and run eight businesses, all of which have been profitable. The first venture came about when I realised the software company I part-owned wasn’t going in the direction I wanted. So I sold my shares and started up on my own.  There is nothing as satisfying - and nothing as scary - as knowing that you are the master of your own destiny in business.

The key to a successful business is your customer base: it’s easy to find a product and promote it - success will come from matching it with a customer need

Chris James - Chris James

CIOTEK provides business support - with advice and help for businesses (including start up) specialising in marketing, sales and planning for success. I believe it’s vital in business to look after your customer, talk to them.