Claire Cawte
Claire Cawte
Claire Cawte Textiles
In a nutshell:
Textile design specialising in natural materials
Advanced materials and manufacturing

As a bored single parent in a dead end job only affording to work part time, I was restless and decided to do something for myself. I studied on an access course in Art & Design and during my time on the course I was encouraged to make an application to a university of my choice and was absolutely ecstatic when I was offered a place. This purely started out as a hobby and I had no idea how much it would change my life.

Talk to people, ask questions, show enthusiasm, be honest and believe in yourself. No matter how hard you think it is, just enjoy the journey as you never know what opportunities are there for you.

Claire Cawte - Claire Cawte Textiles

I am now a textile designer / maker, making a range of accessories from scarves, wraps, throws, cushions and framed art pieces. I specialise in natural materials and natural plant dyes and sell my work through galleries, craft and trade fairs and exhibit frequently.

I meet and get inspired by creative people every day. Pretty much making my own decisions and having the opportunity to collaborate with other artists is important to me.