Clare Ferguson-Walker
Clare Ferguson-Walker
CFW Designs
In a nutshell:
Produces limited edition sculptures
Creative Services

I am an artist, primarily a sculptor, and started out by trying to sell a few of my pieces. I didn’t have a bigger game plan than that, but then it just took off and before I knew it I was running my own business.  It was very difficult to begin with  - everything that could go wrong, did go wrong,  But I learned loads in the first year, mostly about getting up after falling over!

Go for it – if you don’t take that leap you’ll never know if you can fly. And if you fall just get back up and try again until your wings are strong enough!

Clare Ferguson-Walker - CFW Designs

My business now provides original sculptures and limited edition works in ceramic, bronze and bronze resin, mainly through established galleries. I have a home-based workshop, and work with a small team who I trust completely.