Dan Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald
In a nutshell:
RecRock runs music workshops
Creative Services

I hadn’t planned to start my own business, I just started doing it. There had been little support from the Job Centre for musicians, and I wanted to use my skills and experience to do something I loved so I struck out on my own.  RecRock runs music workshops, we engage with schools and unemployed people, and offer therapeutic music sessions for people with mental health issues.

Make sure you have time, passion and support around you - maybe while you’re living at home with mum and dad and have some benefits or savings to back you up

Daniel Fitzgerald - RecRock

If I had my time again I would focus more on marketing right from the start, it’s such an important part of business.  But I don’t want the company to grow too big either - I just want a close team of cool people who are happy with their jobs.

Website: recrock.co.uk